Hello! My name is Neema Ruge based in Mwanza. I am a wife and a mother to two adorable boys. I run a home bakery and l'm crazy in love with baking. I also enjoy reading,gardening and trying new recipes. I am also a full time tutor in Journalism.

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Andrew jk
I love technology. I do a lot of work in Automation, and love teaching children about the modern way of life and Technology. I also love swimming, and Typing is one of my hobbies. Technology is life
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Avogadro Jerson
I love problem-solving, coding (Professionally), music, technology, deejaying, auto electronics (Professionally), movies, sounds system, academics, and exploring life's dynamics and football.
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Daudi Kazinja
Based in Tabora Tanzania, Lived overseas for 2 years, visited 10 countries, 4 years of experience in international leadership development, ACSTH certified leadership coach(focusing on Transition, decision making, Team dynamics, working with the young generation and conflicts. author and Co founder of BE ENLIGHTENED FOUNDATION for teenagers, passionate about seeing young leaders developed and equipped to make a difference at their works and communities
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Makubi Wambura
Graphics Design is the path I have chosen to walk. I believe in good design. I belive good design solves some of the most iteresting life challenges. I'm here to share all I know about design.
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Samwel James
I am many things, Professionally in an Electric Engineer, although life has blessed me with many things, here are some of the experiences life has given me: An Actor, a Host, a creator, a Footballer a presenter 📻📺. I'm als a Motivational Speaker, an Mc🎤🎤, A Basket, an Entrepreneur, a Business Promoter, and finally C.E.O at Kijanaamkatz!
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Daudi Nungwana
I love web design and development and making ideas into fruition. Apart from that, I also love writing, blogging and just trying new things out including but not limited to forex trading. I follow football games from time to time and hang out with friends over the weekend. That is me in a nutshell.
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Stan Luwanda
Meet Dr. Stan, a Medical Doctor, Author and Motivational speaker who is ready to teach and inspire you to reach your dreams.... #be_the_changeof_yourself
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Steven Matiku
I am a serial Entrepreneur and In love with startups. I love working with people and seeing them grow. I love taking early ideas from the very beginning and seeing them become massive market opportunities.
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My name is Rams, and I'm a Computer scientist interested on coding. I love problem solving, sharing experience, football, fashion, movies and video games.
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