The Main Thing That Affects Performance Of Your Employees!


Here you will learn how the person's reason for their being affects their 1. Belief. 2. Attitude. 3. Meaning of life.


Whoever they are, the people working for you have higher motivation, they may imitate someone and carry it on as their own, This is where they find the meaningfulness of their lives.


This affects the way they make decisions because they want to stay true to this motivation. Eg: someone who considers being a voice for the orphans as their higher life motivation.


They BELIEVE anything, any decision that will harm the lives of orphans is wrong and they will stand against it no matter what.







Paul Senni

This is very insightful!!

Daudi Kazinja

Hey Nyayo zangu .... There are alot of personality test on the internet which are basically focusing on 1. Finding out what someone really like 2. Finding out what makes someone angry if they see it done wrong and 3. What they are ready to die for. Answer to all of these eventually reflects someone's life motivation.

Nyayo Zangu

How can I as a leader Identify someone's life motivations?