How to Become a Music Producer: A Start-up Mindset


If you want to become a music producer, you need the right mind-set for it 🧠. The following are few things you can do to become a full-fledged producer.


GO BACK TO SCHOOL Wait what? While this's the right move, it's not the easiest option. Studying sound engineering or any related course is going to cost you a tonne of money. Plus you'll need credits.


If you have the Time, the Money & the Aspiration, Go! ..Otherwise, stick with me. If you're going to self-teach yourself music production, then you need the right mind set. Do the following: 👉


# 1: Familiarize yourself with music theory or simply learn music theory. If you choose to take a short Piano Course, that will be an invaluable additional skill. 🎹


Music Theory - defines the elements that form harmony, melody, and rhythm. Or you're simply going to learn the "Keys", Notes, Chords, Tempo etc. You need to know these!


# 2: Experiment with the next-generation music software. You'll need to familiarize yourself with DAW's, Plugins, VST's, and other tools. For starters, use FL Studio. 🎛


Why FL STUDIO? This is the easiest DAW to learn, plus it is used by many people so it's easier to find tutorials. Start with FL Studio built-in plugins then slowly experiment with third-party VST's.


# 3: You need the right Gears. As a starting point, you need a Computer. Laptops are recommended because of portability, as you can work on the go.💻