How to Become a Music Producer: A Start-up Mindset


If you want to become a music producer, you need the right mind-set for it 🧠. The following are few things you can do to become a full-fledged producer.


GO BACK TO SCHOOL Wait what? While this's the right move, it's not the easiest option. Studying sound engineering or any related course is going to cost you a tonne of money. Plus you'll need credits.


If you have the Time, the Money & the Aspiration, Go! ..Otherwise, stick with me. If you're going to self-teach yourself music production, then you need the right mind set. Do the following: πŸ‘‰


# 1: Familiarize yourself with music theory or simply learn music theory. If you choose to take a short Piano Course, that will be an invaluable additional skill. 🎹


Music Theory - defines the elements that form harmony, melody, and rhythm. Or you're simply going to learn the "Keys", Notes, Chords, Tempo etc. You need to know these!


# 2: Experiment with the next-generation music software. You'll need to familiarize yourself with DAW's, Plugins, VST's, and other tools. For starters, use FL Studio. πŸŽ›


Why FL STUDIO? This is the easiest DAW to learn, plus it is used by many people so it's easier to find tutorials. Start with FL Studio built-in plugins then slowly experiment with third-party VST's.


# 3: You need the right Gears. As a starting point, you need a Computer. Laptops are recommended because of portability, as you can work on the go.πŸ’»