The 5 must have for every University community leader πŸ˜‡πŸ“žβ›³πŸ’‘πŸ’Š


Here you will learn how 1.Right moral conviction 2. Life purpose 3. Talents 4. Creativity 5. Serving others, can help you to be an effective leader at your university community


It took me 8 years of observation, learning and researching what are the common things that most effective leaders and especially university community leaders have


They come in different ways but they all end up into these five things. Let's acknowledge that every leader is a human being, created by God, they are different and live among people


The years in university are very critical as many of us we get to find our convictions, decide who we want people to see as, we are starting to pursue a legacy of our own


In this season university students are exposed to opportunities and resources to do and be whatever they want with their lives. many impactful leaders of our time grew their impact out of university


All of these makes the university even more dangerous if these leaders grow with some fault philosophy and understanding about leadership


1. A leader must have a right moral conviction and in this case it only comes by the acknowledging of the higher authority GOD , Him being the father, source and sustainer of life


Having right moral conviction means every decision that you are going to make as a leader must abide to the moral standards laid by God, that He is one, respect your parents and elders


There is more to these moral standards, which are not to steal, kill, fornicate not to be envious of someone's property and more. As a leader it is very important to take these as your life standards


2. Every life has a purpose, yours included every life on earth has a meaning and purpose & the ultimate reasons for every life on earth is to make the world a better place,bring relief & hope to man


The other way to look at it is, God look at the part of the world, saw a problem and said let me put this man here so he may solve these problems that his fellow man are struggling with


I know the problem is to find what is my life purpose, what is the meaning of my life or why am I even here on earth.







Daudi Kazinja

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