How leaders establish and keep genuine partnerships online.


Here you will learn 10 things to help you establish and keep genuine, long-lasting partnerships online, be it mentorship, coaching, personal or corporate.


In a world where we need each other in partnership either in mentorship, coaching or just at an organizational level, it's essential to have skills to help you establish effective alliances online.


It's where the world meets, get work done, make deals, and sign contracts, Online presence has got considerable significance in running a successful professional life these days.


Leaders both young and old got to embark on this journey and make effective use of it. In this course, I assume you already have a Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn social media account.


It's very important to be intentional with the content you put on your accounts because that's what people will use to define who you are. It's the initial way one can get to know you.


If you claim to be a singer put their stuff that reflects that you are a singer. Watch out for the people you follow or those who follow you. They also say a lot about who you are And what you like.


Let's go into it now 1. You've approached someone's inbox to initiate the conversation and introduce yourself, a little bit of your experience, and what you do.


How you introduce yourself is very important because it's where you lay the ground for your authority, which is whether the one you are talking to can pay attention to you.


2. Trust is essential in the online world and can be traced back to who you follow, and who follows you. How your online activities have been, your posts, things you comment on, and how you comment.


3. Be genuine! You don't need to pretend or pose like someone you are not just because the person you are chatting with can't see you. These days it's straightforward to notice a fake person online.







Paul Senni

Thank you so much for sharing this. This was very helpful.