Legal Aspects of the Formation of Electronic Contracts in Tanzania


You will learn: - The meaning of a contract - What is electronic contract? - The legal aspects of formation of an Electronic contract in Tanzania.


A contract is essentially the main way through which trade negotiations are implemented. The contract normally contains the rights and obligations of the parties to a business transaction.


In the context of International trade normally the parties to a contract are based in different countries. This factor plays an important and compelling role in the choice of nature of contracts involved which in most cases, is electronic contracts.


The Meaning of a Contract. Before defining electronic contract, it is better to define a contract.


A contract is defined as a legally binding agreement made between two or more parties. Tanzania Law of Contract Act defines a contract as an agreement enforceable by law.


Conceptual Overview of Electronic Contract Electronic contract is defined as a contract which is created wholly or in part through communication over the internet.


A contract is created wholly over the internet if it is drafted, negotiated and executed completely online and it is partly made over the internet when it combines electronic communication, paper documents, taxes and oral discussion.


Legal Aspects of Formation of Electronic Contracts in Tanzania The whole process of formation of electronic contracts involves the following items: - Making of online offer - Communicating the acceptance