The Counsellor - Season 1 Episode 1


Episode 1 : First Impression Friday Morning


PAULA: I’m Paula, a famous gynaecologist in the city. I save women’s life. I make them achieve their dreams of becoming mothers and some of them of remaining just fresh women.


I earn a lot of money; I’m helping my family and friends and even donating to the need. I go to church every Sundays and for fellowship every evening. I even sing for my church choir.


I would call myself religious. Despite being busy all the time, I still find time to visit my relatives!


BOSS: I’m Boss and that is what I have become. At the age of just thirty-five, I would say that I have achieved it all.


I’m the Director of Finance working with one of the big telecommunication services providers in the City. If I reveal my salary to you, you might be tempted to double your fee.


I own acres of land and a series of estates on the city's outskirts. I have a beautiful wife who I intentionally lavish on and two wonderful children.