The Qualifier: A Strong Persuasion Technique for Business


A Technique that exploits a Psychological Trait known as "Stacked Consistency" which shows how obsessive people get when they want to match the choices, deeds, and commitments they have already made.


But heed my WARNING first, Do not use this technique to manipulate people. Just make sure you use it ethically and responsibly as it could very well hurt a person. Please read on👉


Has it ever occured to u that everytime u try to convince a customer sth is good, you sound exactly the opposite? You try to convice someone you're a better deal & you sound like you're kissing off.


"Regular towels dont work when wet, but these pads work when dry or wet. They can be used at home, in boats, & on cars. Not only does it wash, but it polishes and dries and won't scratch any surface."


This selling perspective doesn't work especially for someone who never intended to buy towels in the first place. You want to sound too convincing but you end up sounding too coning.


Insteady of qualifying yourself (or your products) to your customers, try to qualify the customers first. Make them want to buy from you by making them prove themselves to you.