Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing!


We're going to cover the basics of digital marketing. - What is digital marketing? - How did digital marketing come about? - Why you should care about it.


This is part of a series of courses that we are going to be covering with regard to digital marketing.


As a creative agency and a digital agency, we have found that digital marketing is pivotal to all our services and operations.


Let us start by understanding what digital marketing is.


Digital marketing: All marketing activities that make use of the digital space.


I understand there is a rule not to use the words you are defining in a definition. So let's take a second to understand what marketing is.


Marketing is essentially everything you do to get people to notice you and perform a series of activities that you want them to perform.


In essence, marketing begins by first understanding the target audience, knowing what they need, creating the solution, and eventually delivering that solution to them.


When you think of it this way marketing is a top-down integrated approach from the beginning of the product journey all the way to the end and beyond.


Something else to note is that marketing doesn't stop when the customer buys, marketing goes beyond that by following up on the customer experience after the purchase.


Marketers can then use this information to improve the services and products down the road.


Now that we understand what marketing is, digital marketing is simply taking all of this and applying it to the digital space.