The Counselor, Season 1: Episode 1


Episode 1 : Friday Afternoon


RACHEL: Good day Hudson…… COUNSELLOR: If you are wondering, that’s my name, I wonder even why my parents picked that name it's time I checked what it means. I wish they were still around so that


I could ask them what it means if they also know. God! Rachel is my other client and I haven’t seen her for months she just caught me daydreaming and instead of attending her I keep daydreaming...


RACHEL: It has been well with me and my husband for sometime. I lost weight but now it’s not the same anymore he is already bored with how I look and he says that I’m too skinny. He wishes I had a


body like my friend Patie. He says she is sexy and fun to talk to. I have even started to doubt my friend thinking that they are cheating on me with my husband. I have tried to ask Patie...


COUNSELLOR: Rachel! Remember that was just a thought you didn’t have to ask her! RACHEL: But I found myself already in her living room drinking lemon juice so what was I to do then! I let it out


COUNSELLOR: And what did she say? RACHEL: She just smiled and told me that I should get time to relax as If I went to her place to find out if I was tired. I got pissed off, I was there


trying to save my marriage and she is telling me to get time to relax. COUNSELLOR: Tell me more about Patie. RACHEL: I would say she isn’t earning even a quarter of my salary, She lives in


a small apartment owning some cheap sofas. Everything about her is just cheap. We completed our degrees together but I chose to get married early and focus on my career and she chose to


spend some time travelling around the country and being herself. If I know what that means!


It was already two, time to go for a lecture at Mwalimu University, like Paula and Boss I gave Rachel a prescription for antidepressants, and a lecture on proper diet and enough sleep. As she left


I swallowed some of the antidepressants myself and headed to the parking lot for my trip to Mwalimu’s. The lecture is to start at two and it’s already 16 minutes past and 30 more in the traffic jam.


Stop judging me! Just because I’m a counsellor does it mean I’m not allowed to have problems of my own? Don’t doctors get sick? Buzz off and leave me alone.


I’m very interested to meet this Patricia, Rachel’s friend. As I sit in my living room of my beautiful home in Segerea (Thanks to the likes of Rachel who have remained loyal to me for years)


and my wife, whom I have now learned to love despite her being a second choice, brings me a bottle of Safari and chicken wings. What could a man further wish after a busy unsuccessful day?


Yes, I still have three cases to analyse excluding mine of course and Patricia's which is a new case! Come on it’s not what you are thinking but just like any other man or human being including