5 simple tips to boost your phone’s slowing down!


Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. However, with everyday usage, mobile phones tend to slow down with time.


Of course, every gadget tends to lag, and a mobile device is no different. This can get annoying, significantly when we depend on our smartphones to complete day-to-day tasks.


This means it is essential for our smartphones to run smoothly. Given buying a new smartphone isn't possible for everyone, here is a list of five tips to boost your phone's performance quickly.


1. Disable animations. 2. Remove bloatware and unused apps. 3. Do not use live wallpapers. 4. Update Apps. 5. Keep Fewer Widgets.


1. Disable Animations Animations and transitions are pleasing to the eyes but the phone requires a lot of resources to make the UI look fluid.


To disable animations, go to Settings >About Phone >Tap Build number until you see a pop-up intimating that Developer options have been enabled >Go back to the main Settings page >Open Developer options >Windows animation scale> Animations off. Turn off


2. Remove bloatware, Unused apps. Smartphones pack a lot of bloatware that might not be useful for you. Moreover, you might also have installed a few apps that you do not use anymore.


All of these apps take up space inside of your phone, have cache traces and take up screen real estate also, hence slowing down your device.